I am moving this weekend

Posted by joy

and that’s a story in and of itself…but I have to say the biggest thorn in my side right at the moment is Verizon whose online ordering web site allowed me to register an address that they later deemed invalid since they use the township name….better yet, the order was stopped and NO ONE FROM VERIZON BOTHERED TO TELL ME. The only reason I found out about it was that I was having issues with other utilities (another story) and I figured I’d better give Verizon a call.

So it is quite likely that I will be Internetless for the weekend… :-(

2 Responses to “I am moving this weekend”

  1. bert Says:

    Yeah, moving is never fun. That’s why I live in a van down by the river.

  2. dave Says:

    …hey! Get yer own spot. I was here first…