Totally worthless commentary

Posted by joy

Windows Vista?!?!? What the hell were they thinking in Redmond? Apple gives us sexy, cool sounding names like Tiger and Panther and then Microsoft chimes in with something that sounds like GM’s latest failure.

Bonus link: From the Seattle Times

“If they called it Windows Garbage, would people still buy it? Yeah, they’d buy it,”

5 Responses to “Totally worthless commentary”

  1. Chris Woodruff Says:

    I thought I was the only person who thought Vista sounded like a car. :) Not that I do nto think the name is not good but perceptions might be hard to overcome.

  2. Charlie on the Pennsylvania Turnpike Says:

    With all due respect to Bill G & Co….

    let’s all remember which company came up with the name ‘Windows 95′ and didn’t update it until 3-1/2 years later…

    And then they did it again with 2000, then Office 2000….

  3. dave Says:

    ya know, if i was B G and made that kinda money off a win 95 I’d still not be doing anything…

  4. Dianna Says:

    I miss Longhorn.

  5. Danny Says:

    Naming an OS is just absurd. They should have never stopped using version numbers. Barring something sensible like that, at least the “Windows-year” designation was somewhat meaningful (ignoring the fact that the year stated was not necessarily the year released). If only they thought as much about quality as they do about names!