I turned thirty (again) today…

Posted by joy

That is all…

9 Responses to “I turned thirty (again) today…”

  1. DaveW Says:

    Happy birthday, Joy! Hope it was a great one the second time…

  2. Charlie on the Pennsylvania Turnpike Says:

    As Pooh said to Eeyore, Many Happy Returns of the Day.

  3. Roscoe Says:

    Happy belated, Joy! :)

  4. Dianna Says:

    Hey what a coincidence - I’m going to be 30 (again) this year too. Yay us.

    Happy birthday to you!!

  5. Dad Says:

    I remember the day you were born. You have made me very happy.

  6. Arthur Says:

    I turned thirty (again) today…

    Thirty? After thirty everything seems to become irreversible. Happy Birthday!

  7. nameless Says:

    Congratulations, nice age!
    Am *sudden guest here - internet makes it possible.

    *sudden - wrote g33k in google, first result pointed 2 your nice **domain.

    Q: What do you call a subtle, **clever hack in the favorite language?
    A: A gnuanCe (R.Stallman).

    p.s. am from Lithuania(far, only geographycaly) :)

  8. sheesh Says:


  9. Robin Dary Says:

    I’ve been 30 many times. It’s not so bad. I got a birthday card once - “How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are”.

    Think about it.