e-commerce and rss

Posted by joy

Why don’t more e-commerce sites use RSS? A few have beta feeds, but it doesn’t seem widespread.

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  1. Mitch Says:

    Yahoo recently published a report that touched on user-awareness of RSS feeds and related technologies. A depressing 12% of sampled users knew about RSS, and only an even more depressing 4% had knowingly used RSS.

    My guess is that they don’t see the point of investing in such a system if so few people are going to utilize it.

    Report can be found here:

  2. fluffy Says:

    Fortunately, Firefox and Safari both support it in ways that people who are interested in subscribing to a page know it’s subscribable. Unfortunately, business people don’t see the value in this, and so it’s probably pretty hard for engineers who do see the value to convince higher-ups that it’s worth spending the couple of hours for making an RSS view for, say, recommended product feeds or whatever.

  3. me Says:

    i don’t buy it.

  4. colson Says:

    But maybe more importantly they are looking at it the exact same way that the above posters are. Look beyond just reaching the consumer. Look at reaching a large breed of search engines such as Shopping.com or Froogle with a unified and standardized platform. I think there is plenty of untapped potential in RSS beyond just reaching the consumers via direct methods. I just don’t think anyone has come up with the easiest method to extract the value from syndication.