new addition to the family…

Posted by joy

Santa Claus must have heard about how much we like Apple Computers in this household as there was a note left here on Christmas as he couldn’t make one at his workshop, but there were some to be found at the Apple Store in Christiana, DE.

So, on my day off this past Monday (January 2nd), I took a trip down to Delaware, home of tax free shopping to pick up a new 17″ G5 iMac. The mall was packed. And by the time we got to the Apple store, the checkout line snaked down the center of the store, nearly to the entrance. So I had my accomplice stand in line while I hunted for the items I needed, an AirPort Express for my accomplice and the iMac. I located a roving floor person (it seemed like there were only two of those and three others were manning the checkout lines) and asked him where to get the iMac. He told me just wait in the checkout line and ask the checkout person. Anyway, I retreat back in line and wait for a good 20 minutes.

Finally I get to the checkout girl and she squares me away. The interesting thing that I didn’t realize is that the iMac comes with a wireless keyboard and mouse (instead of the wired Mighty Mouse) and I chose the wireless option, since my daughter would be the primary user and she prefers her wireless keyboard. In addition, there were a ton of rebates going on including ones for an HP printer or an Epson all-in-one printer/fax/whathaveyou and for Microsoft Office for Mac (which I already have). I did pick up the HP printer, because after the rebate it would be free and it would be used in this household.

Later that evening, got the precioussss machine home, and set it up in a snap (it would have been a snap if I hadn’t forgotten the password to my wireless router *ahem*….). And so I’ve got at least one machine running Tiger.

(As a side note, I’m not really all that excited about Tiger as I have Panther on my PowerBook, but on the iMac I think Tiger is more impressive…)

I think that the folks at Apple would be mightily amused to hear a seven year old say, “Oh wait, can you put that on my Dashboard?”

5 Responses to “new addition to the family…”

  1. fluffy Says:

    The G5 is nice and all, but why didn’t you wait until Tuesday to find out what Mr. Jobs is going to be unveiling? This is the worst time of the year to buy a Mac! Especially since Apple’s price-protection guarantee doesn’t really work very well anymore since they never really do a price drop but a capability bump.

    FWIW, I think the Mighty Mouse is very nice. I wasn’t expecting to use the one which came with my PowerMac but I’ve decided it’s actually the best pointing device I’ve ever had.

  2. Arthur Says:

    (welcome back)

  3. fluffy Says:

    Yeah, new Intel iMacs today.

    Oh well, Apple’s got a 14-day return policy, right? :)

  4. dd Says:

    Happy NY to you too. And yay for your new computer. Are you taking it back to get the intel mac?

  5. john Says:

    Yup! well said but I wanna add that the Mighty Mouse is really nice to pick.