Mitsubishi Outlander

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I’m amused for some weird reason over the Japanese version of the official Mitsubishi Outlander site.

Update: MSNBC/Forbes reports that the Outlander was the worst selling model for Mitsubishi last year, selling only 11,848 units (including mine).

I really honestly think that is caused not by general car suckitude, but by the absolute lack of advertising on Mitsubishi’s part. I had only learned of the car when a certain someone had researched Consumer Reports. In the past month I’ve seen at least 10 other Outlanders on the road around where I live, but that just could be because there is a well known Mitsubishi dealership nearby.

Update 04/02/06 - author’s explanation: Yes, I do own an 2006 Outlander SE (purchased it off the dealer’s lot just before the new year). After driving the vehicle for the past three months, with a little over 3,000 miles on the odometer, here are my impressions.

Overall, I would rate the car an A-. I’m extremely pleased with it, with my only real complaints with it being a little underpowered and I wish the gas mileage was a little better (I’m getting about 22mpg city). The spare tire in the back doesn’t bother me like it does others, and I have to say that the car handles extremely well in rain and snow.

I’m glad I made the purchase. I enjoy driving again.

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  1. OldeForce Says:

    Just found this. Take a look at the list: gee, Ford sells mor pickup trucks than GTs. Wonder why!