School of Fish

Posted by joy

I was driving home today and while listening to the XM, I heard the song “3 Strange Days” by School of Fish. I hadn’t heard the song in a long, long while and since I don’t have the CD on me anymore, I figure I’d just go and grab their album from iTunes. Boy, I feel so dated.

I’m on iTunes right now and looking at their album, only to find out that the lead singer died in 2000 of testicular cancer.

2 Responses to “School of Fish”

  1. bert Says:

    Cool song — at least the short preview iTunes has. never heard of this band before though

  2. roscoe Says:


    I can remember when Andy Williams first started having songs played on the radio, and folks thought he was just a Tony Bennet wanna be. I can remember the first Tony Bennet songs and folks saying he was just a Frank Sinatra knock-off.

    Sometimes I look in the mirror and believe in dinosaurs, but then there’s the Rolling Sones — older than me and still rockin’ strong!

    It all comes down to the music — I guess.

    Go Steelers!