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Change (yet again)

Sunday, February 19th, 2006

This past week was the first week of the new job. My sincere thanks to all of you who cheered me on.

As for what I’m doing now, I’m still working on the Web (happily so), but with my feet planted firmly on the marketing side.

superbowl live blog

Sunday, February 5th, 2006

Liveblogging the superbowl… [with mispellings and grammatical errors]

Blockbuster ad - ok repetitive

Full throttle - I guess I can’t drink it since it’ll let out the Man in me. Also repetitive.

McD commercial with the hamster - ok. my daughter liked it

Aleve commercial - ho hum

sons & daughters promo - not family friendly for kids under 12, thanks ABC

Past Superbowl MVPs - interesting

The star spangled banner - Saturday night live nailed it last night.

Ooh ooh Condi Rice at the superbowl.

Adam Sandler Movie - hrm

Tostitos - cute

Pizza hut - eh Jessica Simpson who cares?

AT&T - 1984 called, they want Ma Bell back, also repetitive seen it before

I’m goin to Disney World - cute - best commercial so far

The places you’ll go with Harrison Ford (ABC promo) - cute

Coin toss - just explained the significance to my daughter

Oooh two female sportscasters

Good grief, the another Blockbuster commercial - boring and repetitve

Question from my daughter - how much do you get paid as a Pittsburgh Steelers cheerleader?


bud light - eh

Burger King - has got to have the worst ad agency EVER. I oh so dislike the king. ewwww.


Sierra Mist - amusing

bud light - Magic Fridge - eh (better than the earlier office one)

Bruce Willis Movie - eh


Toyota camry - ok

Caveman / fed ex - we liked it

Grizzly - bud light - eh


The audio on the player alma mater voiceovers stinks. also, there seem to be a number of players who never went to college


Vendetta - eh

Diet Pepsi - P. Diddy - Preferred the pimped out truck from last year


Aleve / trekkie - ok (do you really think that Leonard Nimoy fans watch the superbowl?)

Ameriquest Don’t Judge Us - loved it

bud light - fixing the roof - better than the previous ones


Diet Pepsi - Jackie Chan - better than the P. Diddy version

Cars - daughter wants to see the movie, immediately recognized the commercial

ABC has an awful lot of promos.

RAV4 - upbeat, better than the camry commercial


Budweiser streaker - cute

Mobile ESPN - concept works, even if I wouldn’t use the product

Careerbuilder - they like their chimps from last year

Cadillac Escalade - a fashion show? eh

Mission Impossible III - ooh explosions. Too bad Tom Cruise is in it.

Dove Girl’s Self Esteem - We liked it. Great message.

Shaggy Dog - eh

Ford Escape - kermit - ok

Michelob Dark- ok

Go Daddy - Heh not funny recycling last year’s joke.

Poseidon - ooh explosions on a cruise ship!

Gillette Fusion - Wow, enough explosion sounds?

Desparate Housewives promo - cute. - eh. little wonder that people are short selling the stock.

Disney - Kelsey Grammar - ok

sprint - what?

NFL network - aww

Desparate Housewives promo - cute

Chevy Impala - ok

Who did the sound for the Rolling Stones? Jeepers.

Getting a bunch of local commercials…

Ameriquest plane - loved it

MotoPebl - eh

Sharpie - huh

Yet another ABC promo for lost

Budweiser - aww a baby clydesdale

Nationwide with Fabio - made us laugh

NFL Mobile - ok

Hummer - Huh? That’s a hummer commercial?

PS - Germophobes

Still don’t like the Sons & Daughters promos.

Careerbuilder - I work with a bunch of jackasses. Classic.

Taco Bell - Nice car, nice guy, nice girl, too bad it was for Taco Bell.

Slim Fast - One word: why?

Gillette Fusion - repeat, but I finally figured ou that it features 6 blades - 5 on one side and 1 on the other.

The World’s Fastest Indian - I’d go see it

Toyota truck - uh, ok.

Sprint - still don’t like it

Local commercial.

Acura MDX - Liked the commercial.

Icky PA lottery commercial.

Degree - ok

Emerald Nuts - ugh

Fidelity - liked it

Another ABC promo.

Budweiser stadium - clever

Pirates of the Caribbean - would see it

Mastercard - MacGuyver - cute

Another ABC promo

Mobile ESPN - The only commercial I missed due to laundry duty.

Honda Ridgeline - clever

Here’s to Beer - ok

ABC promo again.

World Baseball Classic - Mike Piazza is going to play for Italy?

Go Daddy - repeat

NFL Network - repeat

RAV4 - repeat

Running Scared - cops, money, guns. I think I prefer explosions.

Outback - Loud goofy dude with an Aussie accent and thick rimmed glasses. Exactly why I go to Outback.

Westin - esoterically not telling me why I should stay at a Westin.

Ok, enough of the Grey’s Anatomy “Code Black”.

Probowl - heh

Blockbuster - oh good grief not again

TGIFriday’s - ok

Allstate - good special effects

Expedia - cute

Mercedes - ok

Chevy Cobalt - 34 mpg highway

RAV4 - saw this commercial before

It’s post game and it’s time for bed… Best commercials were by far the Ameriquest ones.