March 06 Redesign

Posted by joy

I believe over this past weekend, unveiled a redesign of their site, changing the two column format for three columns. In addition, some other changes were integrated including many more video offerings and a lighter color scheme with much more use of light gray #CC0000. The main CSS file can be currently found here, and it’s gripping in a Web-design-is-a-passion-kind-of-way read.

I’m not really enthused with the redesign as it doesn’t seem to have enough contrasting colors (I think it’s the light gray background working against the thin fixed size blue and gray fonts). The readability is so poor in that the site is difficult for me to read without manually overriding the font size within my browser. Mind you, I’m online all day at work, and I don’t have a problem with other sites.

Here’s a list of what I don’t like.
-The fact that the left main story image is noticeably *smaller* (306 x 245 on the image I checked) than the hard to ignore ad (336 x280) on the right side. Good gravy, CNN design team, the first impression of the page is that it is unbalanced.
-Like I noted before, the font to background contrast.
-Lightly colored 12px or smaller fixed fonts.
-The horrible make-my-eyes-bleed #fff200 yellow breaking news banner.

Also kinda OT, why does seem not to refresh their stories all that often?

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