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text ul linespacing workaround

Sunday, March 19th, 2006

Wherein, I beat the dreaded automatic line spacing between text and a ul list.

The problem:

Some introductory text, and a leading sentence:

  • snarky point #1
  • snarky point #2
  • snarky point #3

The fix:

<p style="margin:0px;">Some introductory text, and then a leading sentence:</p>
<ul style="display:block;margin:-4px;"><li>snarky point #1</li>
                         <li>snarky point #2</li>
                         <li>snarky point #3</li> </ul>

Translates to….

Some introductory text, and then a leading sentence:

  • snarky point #1
  • snarky point #2
  • snarky point #3

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KinderStart, there’s more (ignored)

Sunday, March 19th, 2006

So the SEO world is abuzz about the KinderStart lawsuit. The lawsuit alleges that KinderStart was penalized by Google last year for some unknown reason and has been sandboxed by the search giant and therefore lost massive amounts of traffic. KinderStart’s attorney is arguing that the sandboxing is unfair and is “violating KinderStart’s constitutional right to free speech by blocking search engine results.”

Excuse me while I go review the Bill of Rights. The last time I checked, “The right to be indexed by Google” was not listed.

Aside from the strawman “constitutional” arguement which should, in a just world, lead to this suit being thrown out, I have some serious questions about KinderStart’s motivations. When trolling the Web for more information, suprisingly enough I have not seen any information as to why KinderStart thinks it was sandboxed by Google. In fact, the only evidence that KinderStart proffers that they were sandboxed is the decrease in visitor traffic.

What bothers me is that I’m taking a look at the site, and quite frankly, it’s underwhelming. First of all, this kinderStart site bills itself as a “search engine”. I could point out a number of SEO issues with the site, starting with the appearance of the site, to the use of frames on the top menu, to the lack of easily discoverable sitemaps (no xml, txt nor static html sitemap page), no robots.txt at the site root directory, all the way down to the copyright date in the footer (as of this writing, it says “Copyright 2000 KinderStart.Com, Inc.”).

Little wonder that a page with a copyright date of 2000 has had a decrease in visitor traffic during the past 6 years. Give me a break, people.

Plus, many of the SEO practices that ignores are listed in the Google Information for Webmasters page.

Talking about biting the hand that feeds you, this morning Sunday, March 19th at 11:23am Eastern Time, has a strip of Google Ad Words at the top of their page.

If anything, this lawsuit will unfortunately bring a little PR to an unknown amateur looking site, sandboxed or not.

PS: I’ve archived a copy of the KinderStart HTML as of this morning, if anyone needs to take a look at it.

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Friday, March 17th, 2006

It was fun going to work today and having my co-workers celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Most of us wore green. And I appreciated the lightheartedness at work.

MC Hammer

Sunday, March 5th, 2006

Nothing like a little pop culture getting to ya while noting MC Hammer has a blog. How cool is that?