Ben Gibbard, can I have your baby?

Posted by joy

Somehow I ended up with a Death Cab for Cutie tour t-shirt tonight.

I’m finally at home after seeing the The Cribs, Franz Ferdinand and Death Cab For Cutie at the Tweeter Center in Camden, NJ.

I can’t really speak for the Cribs (who had the thankless job of opening) or for Franz Ferdinand, who did a great job live, even with their wanktastic group introduction. However, the Death Cab For Cutie part of the show was just awesome. They played mostly from the newest album,
Plans - with the notable exceptions of opening with The New Year and later playing The Sound of Settling from Transatlanticism. Also, We Laugh Indoors from The Photo Album. We sang along to Crooked Teeth, Soul Meets Body, and I Will Follow You Into The Dark (what a couples song). Unlike the sometimes moodiness of Plans, the show was surprisingly upbeat (no Brothers on a Hotel Bed or Someday You Will Be Loved)…and Death Cab left the stage with the mostly female audience wanting more and a promise to see us again in the fall. Hell, I’d follow them around the country if all of their shows weren’t sold out.

Should I just mention that the audience was mostly female–suburban artgirls with plastic rimmed glasses, wearing old navy and their feminist boyfriends?

Pics to follow later…

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4 Responses to “Ben Gibbard, can I have your baby?”

  1. Chris Lawrence Says:

    They played here Friday and rocked - although I think the front man for Cutie made a minor mistake when he gave a shoutout dedicated to “Carrboro” (I think he meant Durham!). Could have been worse–could have been Chapel Hill, I guess.

    Different mix at Duke (dressed a bit more upscale) though I did think I would die of estrogen poisoning at some point in the evening–and I think I was the oldest person in my whole section, and I’m barely 30.

  2. joy Says:


    I didn’t realize that you were in NC. ;-)

    I was one of the older people at the show (save for parents who brought their teenagers), but I didn’t feel out of place as it was mostly a college age crowd and I had my plastic rimmed glasses on too.

    I’m trolling technorati and there’s a few livejournal entries about the show from last night. They’re hilarious in a “I’m so drunk right now - xoxo” kind of way.

  3. Chris Lawrence Says:

    Yep… though I only moved here in August (and will be moving again back west this summer; the life of an academic these days).

  4. Arthur Says:

    They’re hilarious in a “I’m so drunk right now - xoxo” kind of way.

    LOL OMGZZZ!!!111