Posted by joy

I dunno if it’s something about my blog or whatnot, but when I go to ping Technorati (either via posting or manually), Technorati isn’t indexing my site.

There hasn’t been a Technorati user agent in my site logs in a very long time and this blog’s Technorati detail page is not correct.

I’m curious about the situation more than anything else.

Update 4/23/06: I’ve sent Technorati an email about the situation and now the Technorati bot Technoratibot/0.7 is visiting the site again. So now I can be seen on Technorati with my posts tagged, but my “Last Updated” date is still incorrect. I’ll keep an eye on it. It looks as if my blog data is being updated anyway.

Update 4/24/06: Recieved an email from customer support, my account has been reset so now my incoming link count is inaccurate (or just too recent, your pick) but now I’m seeing the technorati bot at least. Ah well, my curiosity is sated.


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