Boot Camp, some can’t go home again

Posted by joy

While I haven’t blogged at all about Apple’s Boot Camp - while dual booting OS X and Windows XP is a cool idea, I can’t dual boot and yet another “me too” post isn’t going to help adoption anyway, I do have a nit to pick with the problems that some users are having. Namely, the idea that some people would be surprised to have problems with a program that partitions a hard drive.
Unfortunately, I learned the lesson to be very, very careful when I was first playing around with Red Hat 6.1 and Windows 98 back in the day. While a few advised me that I could partition and install using simple directions and dual boot just fine, I was paranoid enough to pony up for System Commander 2000 mainly because I heard that it worked.

The moral of the story? I don’t trust anything that partitions my hard drive since I have no idea how it will boot later. Oh, and I back up my data *before* partitioning.

Update: 04/15/06 - Triple Booting with OS X, Windows and Linux
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One Response to “Boot Camp, some can’t go home again”

  1. bert Says:

    I was a little paranoid too, but heck, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Besides I didn’t have anything much that couldn’t be easily replaced.
    I’m just finding less reasons to use XP though.