Google Update for 4/18/06

Posted by joy

Two Google related items for today…

1) I don’t get the hue and cry surrounding the finding that the Adsense related Google Mediapartners bot is now apparenly indexing for the Google Main Index. See, the thing is that it is hurting folks who thought they were all clever and serving different content to the Mediapartners bot and the Main Index bot, and they are getting smacked with dupe content penalties.

As for the briefly mentioned idea that maybe advertising on Adsense boosts up Google rankings for the URLs… well, it used to at least. Back in late 04/early 05 I was seeing a boost in the number of links listed for a domain in the Google Main Index. What I noticed is that some of the links in the Google Main Index were MFA sites which displayed the ads for the domain.

2) Apparently PDFs of HTML content is not apparently considered dupe content. Not that I would ever offer a copy of content via PDF.

Update 04/23/06: Matt Cutts posts an explanation about the different googlebots, googlebot caching information and Google’s attempts at saving bandwidth. His one statement of “Just as always, participating in AdSense or being in our blogsearch doesn’t get you any “extra” crawling (or ranking) in our web index whatsoever”. Is making me curious though and I commented as such in his entry.

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