New Apple Ads

Posted by joy

found here. Walt Mossberg is even quoted in one!

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  1. bert Says:

    I just saw the iLife one during the Heat game and a couple yesterday during 24. Pretty funny ads.

  2. fluffy Says:

    Hey, in your last several entries, you’ve used <a xhref> for your links rather than the more common <a href>. I only point this out because xhref doesn’t actually work in Safari, and I end up having to view the page source to get the link target.

    Is this intentional?

  3. joy Says:


    It’s some sort of WordPress behavior concerning the markup. The xrel doesn’t work in Camino either, and when I catch it, I have to go and manually edit the links out.

  4. fluffy Says:

    Jeeze, and then in my comment I wrote xhref and href, not xref and ref. WTG Wordpress.

  5. fluffy Says:

    oh what the hell.

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