Apple Store Fifth Avenue Grand Opening Roundup

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My dear loyal readers, here’s my official Apple Store Fifth Avenue Grand Opening Roundup. Just because some of you were asking for it.

First things first, the official Quicktime slideshow can be found by clicking on the image below.

Fifth Ave Apple Store logo
The images begin when my accomplice and I emerge from the 59th Street Subway station just before 9pm, walk around the cube in awe (notice the backwards Apple logo), try to find the end of the line going into the store and literally refused to believe that the line stretched from the store entrance, past the south side of FAO Schwartz all the way around the block to 59th and Madison. The hired security guards couldn’t believe that the line stretched that far, and we overheard one guard exclaiming to another at 59th & Madison. “It ends here?!?”

We then decided to walk around the neighborhood to find a deli or something like that rather than brave the line since getting a t-shirt was out of the question. After our walk, we traveled back to the Apple Store and found that the line was only halfway down the block, so we decided to get in line at about 10:20pm. We really were only in line for maybe 40 minutes (it seemed faster, the weather was nice and people were friendly and yes, we are in the time lapse video) until we actually got inside the store. You can see our progression in the pics. Also check out the Apple Store employees cheering folks going in and out of the store. As we walked in, one employee called out, “Welcome to Apple!”

The store, as I wrote before, was a madhouse as you can see in the pictures. We stayed for about an hour and forty five minutes and aside from seeing celebrities (see the Quicktime for Chappelle), I got to talk to a few Mac-owning folks, tried out a MacBook Pro and a MacBook (check out the MacBook pic) and oh yes went up on the elevator when we were leaving. While I managed to get an Airport Express, I did dissuade the accomplice from getting a MacBook Pro that night, if anything because of the premium of the NYC sales tax and the need for a cab ride back to the 33rd Street PATH Station.

Anyway, one very tired and fun filled evening. Didn’t get back home until 5:30am.

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