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How happy am I that this weekend is a three day weekend for those of us in the United States? Oh so very happy. Not only have temps finally risen to the low 80s with low humidity, but this is my first three day weekend since New Year’s. I’m greatly looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow morning.

NY Times - Where’s the Petite Department? Going the Way of the Petticoat

The premise: That department stores are discontinuing their petite clothing lines for women because department store petite shoppers are really old and stodgy.

My take: These petite lines are getting discontinued because American women are getting fatter and there aren’t as many petite women to cater to any more. Let me say you’d think that being petite (technically I’m an inch and a half taller than a traditional 5′4″ petite woman) would be easy to shop for, but it’s not. For professional clothing, I can either fit in a size 2 or a petite - depending on the manufacturer. Like for example, at Ann Taylor, I’m a regular size 2 in pants, while fitting into an extra-small shirt size. If I go into a department store, I usually have better luck in the petite department, especially for dresses. However, it seems that if I was a larger size shopping would be easier for me. So there you go.

Update: A messageboard thread about petite sized women trying to find clothes. In addition, a Boston Globe article about 0 being the new 8.

Awe inducing weather imagery from the Midwest.

Finally, a Washington Post article to reflect on during this somber holiday, Marriages tested by scars of war.

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