First cleverhack podcast

Posted by joy

I am pleased to announce (with not that much background noise) the first cleverhack podcast.

Topics include: Background noise, cleverhack site info, Technorati, tech news, my LG VX9800 phone saga, thoughts about current music and more.

Download Podcast

Update: I’m trying to get the Mighty Seek Podpress plugin working- as you can see the flash podplayer doesn’t work. But the old school direct link to the mp3 file does. It’s something with the .htaccess file apparently and I’m a tad bit frustrated that the install docs failed to mention this.

Update 2: The flash player is working now. The whole mention of the .htaccess in the install FAQ led me on a snipe hunt, but all is well now and the only part of the plugin that doesn’t work is the stats, and at this point, they aren’t really that important.  Also, the flash player has a bug in which it requires the mp3 file to be encoded at 11.025 kHz, 22.050 kHz or 44.100 kHz.

2 Responses to “First cleverhack podcast”

  1. bert Says:

    Good job, sounded like you had fun. Now lets get this puppy on iTunes!

  2. Karl Says:

    Yea, good job. A little bit shaky in the begining but you really got into it efter a few minutes. I just got one complain, the audio is a little bit low. Have to turn up the volume to max to hear anything :P

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