Sunday afternoon podcast

Posted by joy

Introducing the second cleverhack podcast, now with more interruptions and better volume.

Topics covered include 2005 Sofia Rose wine, updating my PowerBook’s RAM, cleverhack site news, blog updates via email, Google bashing, moblogging thoughts and ramblings about music, missing Postal Service singles and cruddy XM radio reception.

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2 Responses to “Sunday afternoon podcast”

  1. MightySeek Says:

    Just checkin in.
    Looks like podPress is working good for you now. Glad to see you on iTunes, and I look forward to more of your show.

  2. Owen Says:

    I don’t know how you do it with Garage Band (me being a Windows user), but you need to Limit/Normalize/Compress. Does Audacity run on Mac? Indeed it does! You can apply those effects to the audio and come up with something like these 30 seconds, which sound spiffy. (Although plosives and sibilants cause irregular volume spikes in your audio that makes it hard to normalize.  If you used a limiter, you can limit these peaks in your audio and then amplify the whole thing so that it is at a nice volume.)

    Mobile audio blogging from your phone: turns phone calls into blog posts. They host other audio and video as well.
    Or, use a cheap mic and one of the iRiver iFP series with the line-in jacks.

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