oh my Bonnaroo on XM 47

Posted by joy

I am listening to the XM live feed of the bonnaroo main stage on XM right now, and uh, Ben Folds had many a missed note.

And now Ben Folds is doing a piano reinterpretation of a Dr. Dre song which I won’t mention on this family blog. It’s hilarious (if you don’t have little ears around). The audience is singing the chorus at the moment.

Later tonight, Bright Eyes and Death Cab For Cutie!

Update: Apparently, the feed isn’t live - so no other bands tonight. That stinks.

Update 2: It seemed that the feed was live on Saturday and Sunday…but they had non-main stage acts. Which was all well and good…if you’re that into the Disco Biscuits or something. Otherwise, I’m not impressed with the XM’s coverage.
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  1. Tom Kim Says:

    Ben Folds always has great covers. His live shows are also a lot of fun because of the amount of audience participation he deliberately elicits.

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