First day of summer vacation Web aggregation

Posted by joy

It’s the first day of summer vacation here at cleverhack, (well, for some of us) and a Wednesday, so here’s some Web aggregation for you.

A Comcast Technician Sleeping on my Couch. I know, it’s hit all the big sites already, but it’s still hilarious. I love the music.

Out of all of the .gov Web sites out there, I think the USDA Web site is great. Very nice, clean design.

Talking about useful blogs, I found monetize, a smartly snarkily written marketing/SEO blog earlier today while reading up about the spammer who
managed to get billions of indexed pages onto Google and other search engines
. A good read, although I will note that the blog isn’t on the front page of Google SERPS for “monetize blog”. Just noting. :-P

Two notes about podcasting and more podcasting. Here’s a shoutout to fluctu8, a podcasting directory that has my podcast feed on their front page at the moment. Yes, I do need a compelling podcast promo photo.

Also, as far as podcast receivers go, Juice Receiver is beating the pants off of iTunes as far as actual usage in my site logs. You people are just bleeding edge technologists, aren’t you?

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