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There’s a nice review of Devi, a vegetarian Indian restaurant and one of my favorites in the Philadelphia Inquirer today, although I’d probably rate the place three stars rather than just two. Also, it’s relatively unknown as the place is busy but not crowded during a weekend night - while there will be hour long waits at every other restaurant in Exton.

I have only eaten at the restaurant during dinner and usually go for the buffet, because I can’t make up my mind from the menu offerings. As was noted in the review the menu is dominated by lentil and rice based dishes such as the dosas, which was a shock the first time I went there. The last time I was at the restaurant, they had a vegetable curry (it wasn’t the tomato based one with the cheese mentioned in the review) which was great…and their mango ice cream is definitely worth saving a little room for dessert. Also, the waitstaff is understanding when one might order a dish by it’s northern Indian name.

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