A thoughtful Net Neutrality analysis

Posted by joy

Out of everything I’ve read about the battle for Net Neutrality, Business Week has an excellent analysis of the current legislative process and what’s at stake. As usual, the legislation being discussed isn’t just about Net Neutrality, but of course deals with telcos offering video services, TV franchising, E-911 access and the Univsersal Service Fund. This piece is especially heartening after last week’s Senate Commerce Committe hearing which featured a colorful explanation of the Internet by Senator Ted “The Internet…it’s a series of tubes” Stevens (R-AK).

A side note, the Ted Stevens explanation wouldn’t make me so frustrated *if* he wasn’t chairing one of the influential legislative committees in the Senate. He gave an explanation that I’d expect from a guy on the street (actually a guy on the street would most likely know that, at it’s heart, the Internet is a network of computers, but I digress).

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