Dell Purely You - sans anti-static and with no free shipping

Posted by joy

Since I’ve been watching a little too much of the all news cable channels this weekend, I’ve seen those “Purely You” commercials. Anyway, I was watching the Dell Purely You “Factory” commercial, the one where the guy calls up a Dell phone rep and together they happily spec out a new machine for him and his family.

The video of the commercial shows the machine being “built by hand” at the factory. What struck me about watching it is seeing the happy Dell employees building the machine by hand without any anti-static equipment. So kids, stick your bare hands into your Dell, since they do it on TV.

Since the setting of the commercial is that the customer is *calling* a Dell representative, I thought it a tad bit misleading where the final shot (at least the version I saw broadcast on CNN) has copy touting “Free Shipping Online” - so if you order online - not calling a Dell rep - you’d get free shipping.

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  1. colson Says:

    Speaking of commercials and marketing, the new Apple ones make my blood boil. You see, I have a Windows computer and it has been chugging along just fine. However, my powerbook has taken to telling me I need to restart my PC as it locks up. Then it just stalled out for a while. I went through all of the troubleshooting steps to no avail. Called apple and paid for support only to find that I had to wipe out my entire HD and reformat it…. Let’s just say it’s been an experience that is the exact opposite of what the commercials like to say.

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