Vonage advertising via spyware

Posted by joy

After reading about Ben Edelman’s latest research concerning Vonage advertising appearing via spyware, I find it hard to believe that no one in Vonage’s marketing department ever, you know, tracked *where* their advertising was appearing.

Shouldn’t an Internet based phone company be Internet savvy?

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One Response to “Vonage advertising via spyware”

  1. Owen Says:

    Apparently they are, if they’re using every method of spyware available to deploy their ads.

    I’m not condoning spyware, but I feel that users are somewhat complicit in the problem. People should be more proactive in preventing spyware installations on their systems.

    That Vonage deploys their ads on a spyware system seems like good business sense actually, since people likely to have no protections on their PCs are likely to try anything, including VoIP.

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