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Politics aside, I’m finding it hard not to take a real good look at what’s happening in the Middle East via blogs, YouTube and other content aggregation types of services. Here’s some of the gems I’ve found…

-Beirut - (YouTube) - This guy decides that he needs to get some McDonalds in Beirut, so he takes us on a driving tour of the city and gets his BigMac. Soundtrack included. Kinda long, but some neat footage of the city.

-War - (YouTube) - Video of a family apparently fleeing for a shelter in Israel.

-War3 - (YouTube) - Features video of an Arab Israeli family and a toddler daughter, huddled inside during a rocket attack in Haifa. There’s footage of rockets overhead, contrails in the sky.

-Ah Corniche - (YouTube) - Tourist video of the Beirut coast, from June 2006.

Also check out TTLB’s Mid East Crisis Page which lists both Israeli and Lebanese blogs.

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