5 Minute Sony Micro PC Review

Posted by joy

Because I lead such an exciting party filled life I was hanging out at the champagne bars in Philly or perhaps made a hot Saturday night trip to Micro Center. Believe me, it’s easy to get those two activities confused.

Besides ogling the various multimeters on the shelf and getting disenchanted with their book section which was a mess, I did happen to come across a Sony Vaio Micro PC and played with that for a while. I’m definitely in the market for a tiny mobile blogging device, thus my interest in the product.

As for my impression of it. To me it felt like I was using a game controller as a computer. It was a little strange. While you could place your hands on the side to hold the device comfortably, the screen (also a touch screen with a stylus) and keyboard were comparatively tiny - and this is coming from someone with petite hands. The slidable screen, however small, was phenomenally bright and sharp. As for OS, the device I saw had your typical Windows PC software configuration - with Windows XP and a version of Microsoft Office installed.

Honestly, the device and it’s price point didn’t immediately grab me - I would have seriously considered the thing if it cost $800 or so. Also, the MicroCenter special was running at $1,699 - which was only a $100 less than the smallest notebooks and Tablets from Fujitsu.

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6 Responses to “5 Minute Sony Micro PC Review”

  1. fluffy Says:

    Personally I’m happy with the Sidekick 3. Danger and T-Mobile have done a good job in ironing out most of the kinks with the platform, and also I just don’t care too much about the defects which are left anymore.

    Of course since it’s tied to cellphone service it’s certainly not a universal solution.

  2. me Says:

    You know, at one time I considered buying a MacBook Pro, but then I saw a Vaio Notebook for the same price, the same (Duo Core) processor, but with more memory and a bigger hard drive.
    It looks just 75% as cool, but I bet it won’t get as hot (in degrees Celsius), and it’s a better machine for the bucks.
    And it runs all kind of OSes on it using VMWare.

  3. Thad Says:

    That Vaeieio’s pretty cool. Very slick packaging. I agree with your comment about the price point, though. There’s an awful lot of other things I’d rather have for $1700.

    “me”, such a sacrelige! My next system will probably be a 15″ MacBook Pro in about a year… ie, after they’ve ironed out all the 1st-gen issues.

  4. joy Says:

    You mean your comment wasn’t posted with a Mac?

  5. Thad Says:

    I forget whether my comment was posted with a Mac or a PC. I have a Mac Mini and an older Dell laptop for regular surfing, so it could have been either. What did your user agent tell you? :)

  6. joy Says:

    Well, the user agents were OS X on Monday and a Win/Firefox machine tonight. You’re a sneaky guy, Thad. ;-)

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