Internet-ted Music Radio

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So, I’ve started to see this strange referrer in my site logs and it’s pulling my podcast feed.


Http Code: 200 Date: Jul 30 20:10:54 Http Version: HTTP/1.1 Size in Bytes: 26266
Referer: -
Agent: WinHTTP ActiveXperts

The IP address looks a little strange and I do a traceroute of the IP address which gives us seems to be some sort of site that allows one to configure or tune some sort of Internet music appliance with some service called vTuner, an Internet Music player or player software. This page seems to be related to vTuner, but it refers to a Netgear Internet music appliance.

According to Network Solutions,, and are all owned by the same guy.

A quick Google of gives us this Google cached page which gives mac address ranges that you can test off of.

Apparently there’s a station account page available via, you guessed it, Google that allows us to look at the stations that this service has aggregated. What’s even better is that the URL in Google is, but if you click on it from Google, it seems that is redirecting to which is redirecting to the final URL which apparently is part of the vTuner premium service page.

It looks like someone’s robots.txt file needs to be configured at the very least.

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