Quick site design review - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Posted by joy

Clicking around on the Web, I came across the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Online site.

The good:
-The colors are bright and cheerful.
-Left menu colors and layout are nice.
-The top nav bar with links to Jobs, Cars, Homes, etc., which isn’t distracting and works with the site.
-Front page is not inundated with visually distracting ads. What a refreshing change.

The not so good:
-Size of the main content table. It’s way too narrow and doesn’t allow for much whitespace at all. The designer has at least 80 more pixels on each side which he or she could use to expand this area.
-Annoying hover image hover behavior. If you mouse over the Top Story photo, the photo moves.
-Display bug in mozilla/camino based browser which causes the right side of the content table to stretch about 30 px to the right.

Neither here nor there:
-I am not sure if a bright red font color and bright red underline are really needed for the active link hover effect.

Overall, It’s a pretty good site.

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