Saturday afternoon RSS and Web 2.0 aggregated roundup

Posted by joy

Here’s a few cool RSS and Web 2.0 things I’ve found on my journey around the Web this Saturday afternoon.

I think I have almost found holy grail of adding the cleverhack RSS feed to several RSS feed readers at once. The service is called MultiRSS.

Talking about RSS and the new My AOL feeds beta which is looking all Web 2.0, I’m amused by this not evil user agent for the MY AOL feed crawler.
Agent: Mozilla/5.0 Compatible - AOL xpRSS (not evil) 1.0

And now you can add cleverhack RSS feeds to MY AOL.

Finally, I came across this blogspot blog which seems to be doing similar RSS and Web 2.0 research/messing around/etc. as I am. What intrigues me the most is the blog’s feedburner feed in which, if you look closely, the author managed to embed links to, My Web Yahoo and furl. So, basically the user reading the feed wouldn’t have to initially enter a browser to begin the bookmarking process. I thought that was clever.

Finally, yet another Web 2.0 social bookmarking service called Blue Dot. Props to the user interface, although it’s yet another Web 2.0 social bookmarking service so I am not sure what differentiates it from other services.

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