The Magic Garden

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There are a few cultural icons of being a kid in the 1970s in the NY Tri State area - Romper Room on WOR - channel 9, the Bronx Zoo commercial with the Simon and Garfunkel song and, of course The Magic Garden on WPIX - channel 11. This was back in the days when there were only 13 broadcast channels.

The Magic Garden was a show created and hosted by two educators, Carole Demas and Paula Janis. And yes, they still tour together. Hallmarks of the show included the theme song, the chuckle patch and the closing song lyrics.

See ya, see ya,
Glad that you could stay a while, da dum,
Glad that we could say “Good morning” to ya,
Hope you’ll have a shiny day

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  1. bert Says:

    Watching YouTube clips of The Magic Garden and the one I watched, The Great Space Coaster, leads me to one conclusion about the 70s: There were apparently a LOT of drugs left over from the 60s.

  2. joy Says:

    Hey, I watched the Great Space Coaster too… although the Internet indicates that it was on from 81-86.

    For a TV show it certainly had some rockin’ lyrics though…

    It’s the Great Space Coaster. Get on board.
    On the Great Space Coaster. We’ll explore.

    A comet ride of fantasy
    To a place where dreams are fast and free
    With new friends and new things to see
    We’ll spin you through the galaxy

    On the Great Space Coaster. Oh-oh-oh.
    On the Great Space Coaster. Off we go.

    Get on board, step inside, soarin’ on a magic ride.
    Roarin’ towards the other side where only rainbows hide.

    On the Great Space Coaster (Oh-oh oh)
    On the Great Space Coaster (Get on board)
    On the Great Space Coaster (Get on board)
    On the Great Space Coaster
    Off we go!

    Come to think of it, little wonder that we became a generation of geeks.

  3. joy Says:

    Also, here’s the You Tube clips I could find…

    The Magic Garden 1

    The Magic Garden 2

    According to their Web site, ALL of the original “Magic Garden” programs
    are now a part of the Permanent Collection at the Museum of Television and Radio in NYC.

    The Great Space Coaster Intro

  4. bert Says:

    81-86? Huh, I thought it was earlier…I must have gotten that timeline confused with Skipper Chuck or Captain Kangaroo.

    Meh, I better stop reminiscing before all the young whippersnappers out there start pointing out how old I am.

  5. Greg Casiglia Says:

    I loved The Great Space Coaster! Especially Francine, the very pretty 16 year old brunette singer/guitar player on the show who used to play lots of practical jokes on Puppet Goriddle Gorilla! Please sign the bring back the great space coaster online petition @ www. because it now has 2,248 signatures. There’s also The Great Space Coaster Homepage @ www. great space And yes, The Great Space Coaster did run syndicated for 5 years from 1981 to 1986 as a children’s puppet t.v. show. Do you remember when Puppet Goriddle Gorilla fell in love with blonde Actress Sally Struthers as a guest star because she reminded him of the girl from King Kong?

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