McCain campaign announces new Web savvy hires

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This is a rare political leaning post. It is what it is. Also, I don’t care which team you’re rooting for, hoping for or voting for. No matter which way you lie, there’s a whole political leaning blogosphere for that.

Glenn Reynolds points to a Hotline blog post announcing the new Internet savvy hires by the nascent John McCain for President campaign.

These new hires are not surprising to me, as a few weeks ago I was getting a bunch of hits for this post on McCain’s 2000 campaign and his Web master Max Fose. Due to my Google powers, the post is number #5 in the Google SERPs. And Max, if you do happen to read this, I still think what you did in 2000 was awesome.

However, the hiring of one Nicco Mele was a tad bit amusing, as Mr. Mele was the Web master for Dean for America. Aside from the political schadenfreude that I shall leave to others, I can’t help but hope that Nicco has tighter control of McCain’s opt-in email list than what happened to Dean for America’s. *ahem*

In the interest of full disclosure: Way back in 2000 I was living in Vermont and during the primary season I was a Democrat turned McCain supporter. I even went to rally in Burlington and met the Senator. All I can say is that he was gracious and he was shorter than I expected. There’s a picture of him, somewhere, holding my then toddler daughter. I voted for him in the Vermont Republican primary due to the odd Vermont law that says you don’t have to be registered for a political party to vote in their primary. And so it goes.

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