A Philadelphia Eagles Experience

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Last night I attended my first Eagles game. I feel like a true Philadelphian now.

It was great. You couldn’t have asked for a better night. I’ve been to the old Veteran’s Stadium before for other football games and compared to the former stadium, the Lincoln Financial Field is just amazing. I was even was able to check out the seats on the field and there really isn’t a bad seat in that stadium. The box seats are even better.

The preseason game was sold out since the Eagles were playing the Steelers and this was the last preseason game that the starters would play. Approaching the stadium, it was a veritable sea of green as folks (I was surprised at how many families with small children were attending) were walking from parking lots in South Philly to the game.

The Philadelphia fans, true to their nature, booed the opposing team loudly and chanted such gems as “You Will Suck”, “Steelers Will Suck” and my favorite, “Steelers Suck”. There were also the enterprising young men outside the stadium selling “TO Sucks, Parcells swallows” t-shirts. When the Eagles made a great play, we clapped. When the refs threw a yellow flag against the Steelers, we grinned at the good number of Steelers fans grousing about the refs. At halftime there was a ceremony for Vince Papale. And when the Eagles made a touchdown, everyone sang the fight song. Eagles fans definitely have spirit.

And the Eagles won against Pittsburgh.

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  1. steve Says:

    Maybe this year we’ll have the All PA SuperBowl.

  2. Carol Korab Says:

    Exactly where do you feel Tebow will get chosen? I am thinking 2nd and even 3rd round. I feel he might be a great gamble in the 3rd round. Could be an additional Steve Young, you never know.

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