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FeedPass is a service with a novel idea, to act as a RSS publisher’s subscription page. The information provided on FeedPass is dead simple and easy to understand.

As a publisher, all you need to do is to submit your feed URL to FeedPass and a customized RSS subscription page is created for you. Just link to your RSS subscription page and you’re done. See the cleverhack RSS subscription page.

This FeedPass subscription page features your RSS feed in human readable format, links to various RSS readers and aggregators allowing one click subscriptions via RSS, RSS via email subscriptions, instructions on how to subscribe manually to a RSS feed, a basic explanation of tagging, a basic explanation of RSS, etc.

So, in conclusion, a big thumbs up for the idea behind FeedPass.

However, I also need to give a thumbs down for the current execution of FeedPass…a good number of the one click RSS subscriptions are not operable or give errors. For instance, FeedPass is throwing a “Not Found
The requested URL /jscript/autoselect.asp was not found on this server.” when trying to use the drop down menu options in the one click subscriptions section. FeedPass creators need to go through their RSS subscription links and clean them up.

Update: I’ve been notified via a comment to this post that the broken FeedPass links I mentioned have been fixed. Excellent.

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  1. Feedpass Says:

    Thanks for your positive comments about Feedpass. Also, your comments on execution were valid as a number of links were not functioning properly. Our research found only one error in link address, with a number of other sites no longer operational or returning error pages. Those sites have been fixed or removed.

    As of today, 9/1/2006 you should find that all RSS Reader links are updated and current across all Feedpass pages.

    Thanks for using Feedpass!

    Feedpass Support

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