Verizon with spam

Posted by joy

I’m at my folks after work this week - they’re watching my daughter during the last week of summer vacation while I provide tech support to them. They have Verizon DSL with MSN. Basically MSN acts as their primary email provider and Internet portal via MSN Explorer, or as my Dad calls it, “clicking on the butterfly”. I’m sure I’m making the day for some project manager in Redmond by mentioning that.

They were just asking me about spam, specifically how to block a sender from emailing. In the MSN Explorer, all you need to do highlight an email and right click. In the right click menu, just choose “block sender”. If you want to allow a sender, highlight an email, right click and choose “add sender to safe list”.

On a slightly ironic note, I was amused to see that a legitimate transactional email from Verizon was put into MSN’s junk mail folder. Nothing like forging partnerships there.

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