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Posted by joy

Amazon is now offering a method to Amazon Associates allowing one to build a standalone store that one can embed or link to rather than just embedding individual Amazon items on a Web page. This concept is called Amazon aStore. It’s still in beta, but here’s the Amazon’s aStore beta demo.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Amazon Associate concept, here’s a blogger’s eye view of it.

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  1. fluffy Says:

    Somewhat more interesting (IMO) is Omakase, the AdSense-like ad server, also in beta.

  2. aStore-SEO Says:

    Great to see someone else is onto this. I like the aStore concept because anyone get a full functioning web store including a shopping cart in munutes but… bots can’t spider the tags recommended by Amazon.

    So… I’ve written a free downloadable PHP script (at ) that lets GoogleBot and co. crawl aStores. It’s easy to install - just add your Amazon ID data and the Amazon country code and drop it onto your server.
    Please try it. Potentially you could get credit from Google for Amazon’s content, especially if your aStore’s theme matches the content of your site.

    The script still being developed so any feedback would be great!

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