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A Philadelphia Eagles Experience

Saturday, August 26th, 2006

Last night I attended my first Eagles game. I feel like a true Philadelphian now.

It was great. You couldn’t have asked for a better night. I’ve been to the old Veteran’s Stadium before for other football games and compared to the former stadium, the Lincoln Financial Field is just amazing. I was even was able to check out the seats on the field and there really isn’t a bad seat in that stadium. The box seats are even better.

The preseason game was sold out since the Eagles were playing the Steelers and this was the last preseason game that the starters would play. Approaching the stadium, it was a veritable sea of green as folks (I was surprised at how many families with small children were attending) were walking from parking lots in South Philly to the game.

The Philadelphia fans, true to their nature, booed the opposing team loudly and chanted such gems as “You Will Suck”, “Steelers Will Suck” and my favorite, “Steelers Suck”. There were also the enterprising young men outside the stadium selling “TO Sucks, Parcells swallows” t-shirts. When the Eagles made a great play, we clapped. When the refs threw a yellow flag against the Steelers, we grinned at the good number of Steelers fans grousing about the refs. At halftime there was a ceremony for Vince Papale. And when the Eagles made a touchdown, everyone sang the fight song. Eagles fans definitely have spirit.

And the Eagles won against Pittsburgh.

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Eponym Blog Directory

Friday, August 25th, 2006

Eponym Blog Directory happens to be, well, a directory of blogs. There’s quite a few blog directories out there on the Web, but this is the first with such a striking user interface. I am impressed. I like the execution and the common sense Web design.

Also a note of interest, the flyout left navigation menu on the site actually holds steady and waits for a click before any action is taken. The buttons and text on the left flyout menu are large and easy to click on. It was weird to deal with at first, but I like it.

See MSNBC for an example of a hard to control left flyout navigation menu. See what I mean?

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Apple PowerBook / iBook Battery Recall

Thursday, August 24th, 2006

As much as I ripped Dell about their battery exchange, Apple’s battery exchange Web site just went online. It seems that they are using Akamai to compensate for the traffic.

Also, my September 2003 era battery is not affected.

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Thursday, August 24th, 2006

Diffbot is software that allows you to not only monitor a RSS feed but also to monitor a Web page for changes. A pretty nifty idea, I must admit.

For my non-programmer readers, “In computing, diff is a file comparison utility for Unix systems that outputs the differences between two files.” -Wikipedia

What caught my eye about diffbot, however, was that in my logs it always fetches my front page first and then hits my feed, which is different behavior than a traditional RSS reader.

Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv:1.8; Diffbot Gecko/20051111 Firefox/1.5

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What is this, Google Answers?

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2006

Blogging, for me, has brought me vast rewards, Internet celebrity status (heh), fortune (see the Google Ads) and occassionally, random questions from people I don’t know. Witness the email I received the other day…

Recently someone told me to “stop Googling them.” I had been innocently searching Google for info about them, so I got a little paranoid. I don’t know if you’d be able to answer this, but I was wondering if there IS any way someone can find that you’ve been Googling them, or if he was just being sarcastic and assuming that I’d done so. I’m pretty technically savvy, for a normal person, and I’d never heard of such a thing, so I thought I’d ask you.

And my response:

The only way that someone could find out if you were “googling” them was if you found their Web site using Google using their name. When that occurs, most of the time the Web site owner will see that someone was “referred” from Google.

i.e. you searched for “joe smith is a hottie”

then Google will pass along information to the Web site owner that looks similar to this:


But, if the person doesn’t have a Web site, then I would bet that person was just assuming you had done so.

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a javascript history sniffing script with a past and implications

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2006

I happened to catch this blog post by Jeremiah Grossman that detailed a way a Web site owner could “steal” your browser history and check where you have been via Javascript and a list of Web sites. See his blog’s page source for his script. This concept is different than a mere Web referrer as a referrer only names the site you’ve been referred from, and this point of concept checks browser history.

After reading the post, I thought that I had heard of this concept before, and voilĂ , some of the later comments on the postings noted that there have been proof of concepts on this theme for a number of years. So I was correct.

And I’m thinking now, how could this (or other javascript history sniffing scripts) be any worse than the scripts that track advertising cookies?

However, I thought it amusing that Jeremiah wrote:

I wonder how long until the marketers start using this for additional visitor profiling.

Oh yes, it’s the *marketers* we have to be afraid of. Personally I was thinking of bad guys who want to figure out where one does their online banking.

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McCain campaign announces new Web savvy hires

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2006

This is a rare political leaning post. It is what it is. Also, I don’t care which team you’re rooting for, hoping for or voting for. No matter which way you lie, there’s a whole political leaning blogosphere for that.

Glenn Reynolds points to a Hotline blog post announcing the new Internet savvy hires by the nascent John McCain for President campaign.

These new hires are not surprising to me, as a few weeks ago I was getting a bunch of hits for this post on McCain’s 2000 campaign and his Web master Max Fose. Due to my Google powers, the post is number #5 in the Google SERPs. And Max, if you do happen to read this, I still think what you did in 2000 was awesome.

However, the hiring of one Nicco Mele was a tad bit amusing, as Mr. Mele was the Web master for Dean for America. Aside from the political schadenfreude that I shall leave to others, I can’t help but hope that Nicco has tighter control of McCain’s opt-in email list than what happened to Dean for America’s. *ahem*

In the interest of full disclosure: Way back in 2000 I was living in Vermont and during the primary season I was a Democrat turned McCain supporter. I even went to rally in Burlington and met the Senator. All I can say is that he was gracious and he was shorter than I expected. There’s a picture of him, somewhere, holding my then toddler daughter. I voted for him in the Vermont Republican primary due to the odd Vermont law that says you don’t have to be registered for a political party to vote in their primary. And so it goes.

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Tuesday, August 22nd, 2006

The Aggrevator is a solution for people who want to aggregate a large number of RSS or Atom feeds and use a MySQL database on the backend for storage. I’ve noticed it used as a feed fetcher for feed aggregating Web sites.

Agent: Aggrevator/0.8.0

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tenth cleverhack podcast

Monday, August 21st, 2006

The tenth cleverhack podcast is now posted. Abbreviated some, but featuring ruminations on the awesomest summer camp, this podcast is recategorized in iTunes, more about the AOL search data and what it means to your favorite executive, 2 reasons to pay attention to Web 2.0 and an Etsy find.


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site info for Monday, August 21st

Monday, August 21st, 2006

Here’s a few things happening with the blog….

-I’m getting immense amounts of traffic on this post about gabbly. Whoever is doing the referring must using some sort of javascript because none of the visitors are showing referrers at all. They are hitting my blog with all sorts of different user agents but no referrer string. I’m wondering if it’s a bookmarking site throwing the traffic and which one it could be…

-As part of the newest version of PodPress, I enabled the Mobatalk audio commenting system. I am not sure if I will like it, but I figured why not. Nevermind, disabled the plugin as it apparently fouled up some other plugins. I will troubleshoot later.

-I’m amused to note that I’m seeing a healthy audience of people interested in Web 2.0 services reading the blog. Some of them are following up on particular blog posts I’ve written and others are just following what I have to write about.

-Finally, my spelling can be atrocious at times. *ahem*

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How about a podcast or videocast on the first date?

Monday, August 21st, 2006

With the decided abundance of social bookmarking, social tagging, social shopping and social chatting sites, one would think that there would be at least a few online dating sites embracing podcasting and/or videocasting.

However, out of all of the Web 2.0 companies I’ve seen so far, I can only find one online video dating site using podcasting and/or videocasting called PodDater. It doesn’t seem that Match or Yahoo personals is using these technologies at this time.

Hmmmm….a business opportunity anyone?

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Monday, August 21st, 2006

Buzzshout is a listing and review service of so called Web 2.0 companies and services. Owners of such companies can go ahead and submit a listing to the site.

While the domain name may sound a little goofy, the logosurf page boggles the mind.

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