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Ah, yes. Fantasy football. And so I’m doing it this year. Unlike the last time I played, when I got burned on by not paying attention to bye weeks, I think this year will be different.

My strategy this year was to pull the top 200 players ranked by the fantasy football league I’m playing in, rather than printing out a number of lists, highlighting the magazines and such. The top 200 list served me well until like the 10th round or so, when folks started picking crazy players really low on the list and I lost track of what others were doing. So, I became the “Was this player picked?” person. Every draft needs one of those. But at least I have my starters…

My team looks like this.
-RB - LaDainian Tomlinson - SD, Brian Westbrook - PHI, Mike Bell - DEN, Thomas Jones - CHI, Ahman Green - GB
-WR - Hines Ward - PIT, Santana Moss - WAS, Andre Johnson - HOU, Laveranues Coles - NYJ
-QB - Tom Brady - NE, Trent Green - KC
-TE - Alge Crumpler - ATL, Jason Witten - DAL
-DEF - Seattle, Denver
-K - Shayne Graham - CIN

Each week we can play 2 RB - 2 WR - 1 TE - 1 QB - 1 DEF - 1 K

Yes, I know that Westbrook and Hines Ward are injured. And Tom Brady, Shayne Graham, and Jason Witten are hotties.

Also, if I have to give a tip to my fellow draftees, it would be that the lists out there vary widely - for example, the Sports Illustrated list was very different than the one I pulled.

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  1. Mike Brown Says:

    your team is solid… you received the Tom B stamp of approval… Congrats!!!

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