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A java based newsreader and platform-independent, RSS Owl can be downloaded by almost anyone on Windows, OS X, Linux or Solaris.

I’ve seen the RSS Owl user agent in my logs from time to time, but only by one or two IPs. I’m not sure why the lack of adoption, perhaps it is becuase of a paucity of publicity about the newsreader.

Agent: RSSOwl/1.2 2005-11-06 (Windows; U; en)

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3 Responses to “RSS Owl”

  1. Harald Koch Says:

    It’s very pretty, but it has the same fatal flaw (for me) that most RSS Readers do; it doesn’t remember old items after they have fallen out of the source feed. This makes even the “Find” feature much less useful; I would use it most often to find old, archived entries.

    I’ll stick with SharpReader.

  2. joy Says:

    Ahhh….Harald, good point. I hadn’t thought about the find feature.

  3. Paul Howard Says:

    I tried using it for a month or so last year but I found it to be quite unstable and crash at least once a day. Apparantly it was down to the version of the JRE that I was running but even after an update it was less than stable. In the end I went back to using Bloglines.

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