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RSS to IM is a relatively unexplored area of development with two main contenders in the Web 2.0 horizon at the moment - Rasasa and Feed Crier.

Rasasa bills itself as a service which allows you to keep up with breaking news. By using Rasasa, you can have the newsfeeds you subscribe to delivered via IM, or to an email account or even to your mobile phone with their premium TXT service (although the premium TXT service would seemingly only benefit people in the Netherlands). Rasasa works with MSN, ICQ / AIM, Yahoo, Google Talk / Jabber instant messaging services.

Feed Crier comes out of the gate by being a more high end and the “free” plan only allows three feeds with advertising.

I would imagine you could get either of these services on your phone if you phone has IM functionality.

If one was just going to try out a service for the RSS to IM functionality, I’d try Rasasa first.

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