A beautiful Sunday Morning Web 2.0 review

Posted by joy

Ok, kids, it’s been a beautiful few days here in Southeast PA and today promises to be just as nice. So on that happy note, let’s talk about some Web 2.0 developments.

1) Crowdstorm has officially gone into public beta. Among the noted improvements, you can search the site even if you’re not a member and the UK centric shopping links are gone. The next step is for crowdstorm to attract, well, a crowd to make it all work.

2) Earlier this week, the founder of Webwag left a comment imploring for feedback on my earlier post about the (yet another) AJAX based start page. I’ve played around with Webwag this morning, and still a few things bother me about the design:

a)The initial page load time

b)Lack of clear instructions on all of the toggles on the start page. From a usability standpoint, the start page controls should either be intuitive (they’re not - I had to read the blog to figure out how to add a module to the start page) or have instructions. Maybe for new webwag users, there could be an instruction box showing on the start page in that upper right hand corner.

c)The gray text on the start page is too light and is hard for me to read.

3)Because it’s the first Sunday of football season, on a lark, I thought it would be amusing to try to find a Web 2.0 site about football…there aren’t many, but I did happen to find a previously unknown fantasy football site called fleaflicker. Aside from the gross-me-out name and mascot that only a 11 year old boy would love, the Web marketer in me cries because this is a site with about ZERO Search Engine Optimization or other Web marketing optimization. In it’s second season and truly a case of it’s built, but very few people know about it.

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  1. Owen Says:

    The NFL’s website itself is pretty Web 2.0. It uses AJAX to update ball positions and play information on a graphic of the field as the game takes place. If you’re at your computer and a TV at the same time, it’s pretty handy.

  2. joy Says:

    The Foxsports fantasy site has a cool game tracker all AJAX based that refreshes player data. It’s a few minutes after the play, but still neat in that you get your fantsy stats in realtime.

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