This is your Friday update post

Posted by joy

This is the “Friday afternoon and I am going to crawl into bed after a late night last night update”.

I can say that I am currently fat and happy at the moment.

Last week consisted of running to the hospital to visit and be outspoken to nurses. Burst appendixes with a touch of infected wound (not mine, but a lapsed blogger) are very painful. And it can take down a healthy person who has hobbies such as, oh, participating in triathalons.

Fantasy Football - week 6 saw me win my matchup and wind up in second place for the league. Santana Moss actually played well. The Eagles Saints game was painful since I had Carney as my kicker but I was hoping the Eagles would win. As it turns out, the Eagles lost to a Carney field goal. Pittsburgh’s Hines Ward played his best game so far this season. Suffice it to say, I had dropped him last week.

I’m going into week 7 without a kicker though (no drop/add this week).

Rutgers is 6-0 and this week they play Pittsburgh.

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