Firefox 2.0 for Mac OS X- Can’t import bookmarks from file

Posted by joy

Well, I got all fired up about using Firefox 2.0 as my main Web browser on my PowerBook. I went and downloaded it, and when I tried to import my bookmarks from Camino (after exporting those bookmarks into a nifty html file), I couldn’t.

Why? Because the File > Import menu on Firefox 2.0 for Mac OS X does not have a file import capability. It only imports bookmarks from specified browsers such as Safari, Internet Explorer and older versions of Mozilla based browsers.

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  1. Jason Lefkowitz Says:

    Assuming that Camino uses the same bookmark format as Firefox (which seems reasonable, but I can’t check it as I don’t have a Mac), you should just be able to import the bookmarks just by copying the bookmarks.html file into your Firefox profile.

  2. joy Says:

    Jason, thanks for the tip….due to some earlier crufty versions of mozilla based browsers on my system, it took me a little while to figure out where my profile was stored in Mac OS X (10.3).

    The path to the firefox profile folder on 10.3 is /username/library/application support/Firefox/Profiles/profilename/

    Like Jason suggested, I merely renamed the exported Camino bookmarks file to bookmarks.html and copied and pasted it to my profile folder. Woo hoo.

  3. Don McArthur Says:

    Firefox does the import through Bookmarks -> Manage Bookmarks -> File -> Import/Export. Or are you saying the OSX version of FF2 doesn’t do that?

  4. joy Says:


    Yup….In the Mac OS X version of FF2 there is no Bookmarks > Manage Bookmarks menu option.

    There is a Bookmarks > Organize Bookmarks option, but that only opens a Bookmarks Manager window.

  5. Don McArthur Says:

    Does that Bookmarks Manager window not have a File -> Import selection? What an oversight.

  6. joy Says:

    Ya know, for giggles upon Don’s suggestion, I opened the Bookmarks Manager window.

    While the Bookmarks Manager window was opened, I went to the Firefox Menu Bar, clicked File > Import and an Import Bookmarks window appeared, with an option to import from file.

    Let’s just say that this method wasn’t really obvious.

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