Yahoo Email Deliverability (update)

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Chuq blogged about the Yahoo problems, and happened to solicit a good comment from an ISP admin who is active on NANOG.

With some testing today, a Yahoo account I have was accepting email from a domain that doesn’t mail all that often. Some mail that I receive on a daily basis which usually gets routed to the spam folder made it to the spam folder at the usual time.

However, mail that I sent from a domain which has significant volume…well, I sent the mail at 9am this morning and it still hadn’t made it to Yahoo by the time I left work this evening.

From what I understand, it seems that part of the deliverability issue concerns how Yahoo mail handles messages sent from a particular mail server. From the mail admin’s side, the outgoing messages are held back in queue for hours at a time and are only accepted intermittently by Yahoo.

For background, read yesterday’s post.

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  1. SEO Says:

    It seems that the problem has been corrected. Even the size of attachments has been changed to some number over thee old 10 MB.

    Yahoo rules.

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