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Posted by joy

It’s kind of interesting, these past few days I’ve been getting visitors from corporations or organizations that I have blogged about, most recently a certain shipping company whose name starts with U, a certain major Internet portal whose name starts with Y, and a band with the initials of DCFC.

An earlier example of corporations monitoring blogs was during the Dell Battery Recall. My post about the recall was one of the earliest on Technorati, and sure enough, someone from Dell had seen my post and blogged their response - including some issues I raised.

Who says blogs haven’t gone mainstream? Or that corporations don’t pay attention? This holiday season, you may just want to blog about how Aunt Mabel’s package arrived late.

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3 Responses to “corporations paying attention to bloggers”

  1. bert Says:

    Maybe it’s just me, but “Aunt Mabel’s package arrived late” sounds like a euphemism.

    Anyways, sorry Aunt Mabel!

  2. Jason Lefkowitz Says:

    I’ve never heard from US Airways, despite the fact that I’ve groused about them so much that my blog now comes up as the #1 Google result for “US Airways lost baggage”.

    Maybe I was too moderated and respectful in how I named that category?


  3. Jonathan Shaw Says:

    Interesting to see your post, as I just gave a class presentation today on trends in interaction between business and the blogosphere. It’s smart for companies to monitor blogposts about them, to a certain degree .. I’ve definitely noticed it my blog. I’ve mentioned a number of companies and I’ve noticed them subsequently checking out my blog, generally through a Technorati search. After Windows Live Writer was released a few months ago, I posted about a problem I’d had, and someone from the Windows Live Writer team actually posted a comment about the error, a little proactive customer service. Kind of impressive actually…

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