Yahoo gets snarky with postmasters

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So, this morning I was clicking around on the Web, trying to find more information about the Yahoo mail server problems (i.e. the 451 Message temporarily deferred errors). There’s been some talk about it on NANOG and other sources, and I was hoping to see some more information about it.

As it turns out, I visited the Yahoo Mail Postmasters Help page this morning to find some newly updated information about the deliverability problems. This updated Postmaster’s page could be a resource - if the main links weren’t all broken. I kid you not — the links in the body of the page all have quotes…for example,”defer-06.html”

But, there’s more… if you’re clever enough to remove the extraneous quotes on the “Does Yahoo! use “greylisting” to reject messages?” link…this is what you see as of 10:17am EST on 11/4/06.

Yahoo! Mail Help
Yahoo! Mail > Yahoo! Mail Help > Yahoo! Mail Postmasters Help >

Does Yahoo! use “greylisting” to reject messages?

The most commonly understood form of “greylisting” is where an SMTP server will reject every message the first time it is attempted, and then accept it if the sending server retries later. The theory is that spammers won’t retry messages, while legitimate senders will.

Yahoo! does not utilize this method, and we have no intention of doing so in the future — no matter what you may read on some random blog.

Nice. Not only does Yahoo continue to have problems with email deliverability, that their main postmaster page has broken links but now they’ve got some snark in their corporate voice when communicating with outside postmasters. Good going guys.

Oh, and another thing… I am more than happy to submit the URL of the page with the broken links to someone at Yahoo, but their Postmaster pages “Contact Us” button links to their form for submitting technical feedback for mail. Not very helpful.

Previous posts about Yahoo mail deliverability issues: Tuesday and Wednesday.

Update: 11/4/06 4:02pm EST A Yahoo Postmaster contact just stated the following on NANOG

The issue some of you are
seeing is that your mailserver IPs are being grey-listed after a certain
number of emails and being traffic shaped. To have your legitimate
mailservers added to a white list, please refer to the following info.


So, a postmaster contact is directly contradicting what is on the official Yahoo postmaster pages. Nice.

Update 11/6/06: Yahoo has fixed the broken links on their postmaster page and has edited their “Does Yahoo! use “greylisting” to reject messages?” page. Yahoo now says that they do not “greylist” as understood to be rejecting every message initially and then accepting later. So basically, their postmaster contact’s statement still stands.

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