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I still have hope for the killer munged RSS app. What do I mean by munged? I mean RSS that has been somehow used or manipulated to do something else…

With this idea in mind, I think that ZapTXT holds some interesting possibilities. ZapTXT is a service which will monitor RSS feeds to you and send keyword search alerts to your email, IM or phone. While there’s both Google Alerts and Yahoo Alerts, along with some other services that does RSS to Email or RSS to IM or RSS to Phone, I’m hoping that ZapTXT can capitalize on its promise and continue to innovate.

As for look and feel, the ZapTXT site is extremely well done. I especially like the hidden div sign up process on the front page. How clever is that? Going through the site, the look and feel remains (for an example, take a look at the widgets page). Markup is XHTML transitional with some very clever uses of CSS. The only feedback I have for the site, really, is the fact that their images need alt tags and maybe, just maybe I would put a little more text in the page footer.

Good job ZapTXT folks, and after I post this I should be able to see how fast your service works.

Http Code: 200 Date: Nov 12 21:53:05 Http Version: HTTP/1.1 Size in Bytes: 30833
Referer: -
Agent: ZapTXT bot;;

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