Jesus 2.0

Posted by joy

MyCCM bills itself as social networking for Christians and it bears the hallmarks of a true Web 2.0 space - RSS feeds and RSS search capabilities, blogs, podcasts, personal profiles and the ability to join a community.

I had a referrer from the site and I had to go and click around. The site design looks fine. But I have one question about the site, it seems that you can see a great part of the site without needing to log in. I was able to click around to each section of the site - myRSS, Blogs, Tags, Search, Groups. Community and see the section pages in addition to searching for profiles. To me, it appears that this site allows way more unfettered unlogged in access than a MySpace, Facebook or Linked In and some of those profiles looked young, even though the registration process doesn’t allow birthdays later than 1993.

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