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Yet another monitoring the Web just for you, your brand and your PR department which can’t use Google service, a bot from Webclipping was spied hitting my RSS feeds recently. Clicking around the Webclipping site (which doesn’t look all that hot in Firefox 2.0), the service seems to be similar to other monitoring outfits including brandimensions. (A side note, brandimensions, which I’ve written about before, charmingly has a Flash-only-I-don’t-really-want-to-be-found-by-search-engines homepage. As you can see, I’m not exactly a fan of a service which compiles my content and doesn’t allow me to see the context.)

Http Code: 302 Date: Nov 18 18:08:51 Http Version: HTTP/1.1 Size in Bytes: 224
Referer: -
Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (Webclipping.com)

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  1. kitevc Says:

    instead on firefox 2.0 give www.maxthon.com a try. 71M downloads in the past 2 yrs growing 250,000 per day…. its built on trident instead of gecko so you wont have rendering issues on the websites that firefox cant really read…

  2. joy Says:


    Thanks for the heads up on Maxthon, but this household is OS X / Linux. ;-)

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