DDoS’ed by Customers Vote Winner

Posted by joy

In case you were hoping to take advantage of the Amazon Customers Vote deal for a $100 Xbox 360 on Thanksgiving, was reportedly not reachable from least 2-2:15pm EST (11am-11:15am PST). Presumably, the traffic caused by the $100 Xbox seekers was simply too much.

Some people are complaining that they couldn’t even load the Amazon homepage…I tried to around 2:10 EST and couldn’t get a response from the Web server.

Update: There are over 500 comments in a thread on the Amazon Customers Vote Forum with disgruntled customers chiming in, in addition to other blogs which have noted the outage. Plenty of people are not happy and some are filing Better Business Bureau complaints.

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  1. Mishal Berri Says:

    I was able load the Amazon Customers Vote deal page and other Amazon pages, although they were a little slow, without problems. This was between 2:00 and 2:10 pm Eastern time.

  2. Chris Says:

    After logging in and answering the security question, I was moments away from getting a code until this….

    “Important Message
    We’re sorry. The product you have selected is not part of the Amazon Customers Vote promotion. You can only purchase one of this week’s four products at this time. Please return to the Customers Vote page to try again. If you are attempting to purchase a product that is not part of this promotion, please visit that product’s detail page directly”

    WTF? This a big turn off. If its sold out already, give me a web page that says sold out!!!!

  3. Mondo Says:

    If they didn’t make you go throught the security page first, then all of the XBoxes would have been snapped up by hackers bots.

    I don’t understand why people are so upset. When you have over 100,000 people trying to get only 1,000 XBoxes, then it is just luck if you get one. At least you didn’t have to wait outside of the doors of Walmart for 4 hours and then fight a mob to try to get a deal.

    BTW- I missed out on the XBox, but snagged a Mongoose Mountain Bike for $60 - HA- HA!

  4. joy Says:

    Mondo, the poster above, posted from a DSL account in the Suburban Seattle area.

  5. bert Says:

    Kids these days.
    Back in my day, if you wanted a video-game console, you had to drive five miles — all uphill! — to the electronics superstore and camp out overnight to get one … no wait, that was a couple of weeks ago for the PS3, then the Wii…
    hmm actually, back in my day, if you wanted a video game console, you had to wait for someone to invent one. And then when they did, it had crappy block graphics and controllers with one button.

    And we liked it.

    That said, I wouldn’t mind getting a Wii, but I’m too lazy to camp out for one.

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